Almost 50 years of experience in outfitting make us
the perfect partner for your project. Why?

45 years of experience
Headquarters of 10.000 sqm
50 people at your service
Projects in 20 country
12.000 stands
4.000.000 sqm fitted
More than 100 partners
Certified customers satisfaction


It is our plant organization, including sales, design and graphic offices, carpentry, painting, electrical and audio/video departments, that makes Arredart the perfect partner for firms that want to shape new ideas.

Our clients come from all over Italy as well as foreign countries. The will of growing up little by little, it allows us to push the boundaries towards international markets, broadening our plant itslef: bigger storehouses, means strengthening, guaranteeing constantly the maximum competence.

  • Simone Cesari
    Simone Cesari
    Gianluca Ferroni
    Gianluca Ferroni
    Marketing Manager
  • Christian Cardiello
    Christian Cardiello
    Technical Department
    Fabio Parenti
    Fabio Parenti
    Project Manager
  • Federico Sanmarchi
    Federico Sanmarchi
    Production Manager
    Francesco Di Noto
    Francesco Di Noto
    Graphic Department
  • Giuseppe Geraldi
    Giuseppe Geraldi
    Marketing Manager
    Arch. Nicola Zanotti
    Marketing Manager
  • Luca Morselli
    Luca Morselli
    Production Supervisor
    Luca Pasquini
    Luca Pasquini
    Purchase Manager
  • Sara Sansolini
    Sara Sansolini

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